UltraCoat One +36 months - Multi-surface Ceramic Protection

UltraCoat SKU: MGN-30
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UltraCoat One +36 months - Multi-surface Ceramic Protection

UltraCoat SKU: MGN-30
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UltraCoat One protective ceramic coating

It is a technologically advanced ceramic coating. Designed to precisely protect almost any external surface. It creates a strong bond with the surface thanks to its perfect molecular structure. This means that the coating is extremely efficient protecting the surface from UV damage, oxidation or strong chemicals and decreasing the formation of micro-scratches from rubbing.

UltraCoat One is a suitable product to protect your car's paint, plastic and even screens or rims. The application of this product is very simple: an expert detailer will be able to apply it even a complete panel at a time, for the less experienced we always recommend dividing the support into sections.

We recommend applying UltraCoat Hydro Hd after 2 hours to increase the silkiness and water-repellent effect.


- The surface must be completely clean and decontaminated.
- Old coatings, waxes and other enamels must be removed before application.
- The surface must be polished with a polisher if there are scratches, signs of swirl or holograms.
- The surface must be adequately degreased with Ultracoat Wipe It! or IPA. It is recommended to perform 2 steps to ensure that the surface is perfectly prepared for a correct application process.


1. Prepare the upholstery, application pads and 3/4 microfibre cloths.
2. Wet the edge of the application pad with the product.
3. Apply to the surface using the cross-patch method on 50cm x 50cm sections.
4. Wait 1-2 minutes before removing it with a soft microfiber cloth. Add a second layer by repeating the process to improve coating performance.
5. Leave to harden for 24 hours and do not wash the car within 7 days of application.


- Never apply the coating outdoors and in direct sunlight.
- The perfect application conditions are temperatures between 18 and 22 ° C and humidity of 50-70%.
- If the temperature and humidity are higher, the product will dry faster and you should be ready to remove excess much faster.
- Always use new microfiber cloths. You should have enough of these to change frequently during application.
- Apply in small areas. We recommend dividing the panels into sections of 50cm x 50cm to ensure easy and safe application.
- Apply with proper lighting.
- Apply the second layer immediately after the first to improve the performance of the coating. .
- Leave the coating for at least 24 hours to dry completely. The first wash should not be performed until 7 days after application.

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