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    Rupes is a manufacturer of professional tools and products for car detailing, founded in Milan in Italy in 1947. The dedication and constant work of renewal and learning of new technologies have made of Rupes Bigfoot the most famous company in the world not only in car detailing.

    Rupes specializes in polishers and tools for experts in car detailing , but also for all those who, even if they are not professionals, like to give their car a real treatment industry specialists.

    Rupes is the expert company in giving the end user a really easy type of tools, which allow precise processing and which have been produced taking into account all the health and safety regulations.

    Rupes has the ability to provide customers with products that anticipate and respond quickly to market needs. Car-care is authorized Rupes dealer , precisely because we want to make available to our customers only the best that the car detailing market offers. In fact, our philosophy is very close to that of Rupes: continuous innovation and research.

    Polishers and spare parts Rupes Bigfoot

    The Rupes Bigfoot polishing machines have a design that allows easy and precise processing at the same time, especially for those who are not experts, the Rupes random orbital polishers are perfect for a brilliance for the bodywork assured, even without too much experience in the sector.

    The new polisher Rupes Bigfoot MILLE LK900E for example is a roto-eccentric polisher that was introduced to bridge the gap between rotary and random orbital machines. The MILLE LK900E is a combination of power, ergonomics and efficiency. Equipped with innovative new features and a revolutionary clockwise rotation movement, the Bigfoot MILLE LK900E rotary eccentric guarantees effective defect removal, versatility and high performance, with an ergonomic design engineered for operator comfort and efficiency in 'use.

    Among the rotary polishers Rupes Bigfoot we find a truly sophisticated design tool: LH19ESTD , which uses such sophisticated and advanced technology that it is used in various sectors such as: automotive, nautical and industry. Equipped with a motor with very high efficiency . The excellent combination of minimum weight and ergonomic size make this polisher one of the most popular in its class. It is one of the best performing rotary polishers on the market .

    Rupes products and spare parts for car detailing

    For you who are looking for a detailing course that trains you on the use of Rupes tools and products, we have created an exclusive training package, which will allow you to receive the training certificate after an intensive day and a voucher to spend in our online shopping. Inside Car-care you will find all products and spare parts from Rupes , not just polishers. You will find abrasive pastes, pads and various spare parts and finishing pastes.

    52 products