Car products

Over time, taking care of your car has become a long and delicate process that involves optimal treatment, using high-tech car products , for all the components of our car.

If you are on the Car-care online store you love your car like a true car lover and you want to give only the best products for your car and bodywork and beyond .

professional car products

Those who have come this far want to drive a car that is always in excellent condition using car products that are suitable for each specific function:

These high-tech car detailing products have been created to achieve excellent results without compromise.

Thanks to car detailing, taking into account the guidelines of specific products for bodywork, polishing, washing seats, etc., it is possible to maintain the external appearance and also the interiors of cars and motorbikes by scrupulously following the instructions usually divided into 5 steps.

How to use professional car products?

We know well that to have a shiny and brilliant bodywork we must have the foresight to carry out periodic washing and maintenance that eliminate the dirt that is created in the various trips we make together with our dear car.

First phase - washing the car .

Car washing products

If we have taken a more arduous itinerary and the dirt is more stubborn, it is advisable to periodically pre-wash the car to remove the most important layer of dirt. Subsequently it is advisable to wash the car with specific products such as professional car shampoo and get help from quality sponges. Rinse well and dry with microfibre cloths and quick detailers which help the underlying wax layer maintain its protective power for longer.

On Car-care you can find various car detailing products for pre-washing which we recommend you make the most of to avoid scratches on the bodywork later when using more abrasive products. There are also kits on offer for washing on offer that we recommend you consult.

Second Phase - Chemical decontamination of the car bodywork .

Car bodywork products

There are material stains and chemical residues that are really complicated to eliminate. The action of prewashing and washing cannot remove all the contaminants present on the bodywork.

Some of them, such as iron and tar particles, have the ability to penetrate the pores of the paint and therefore require a specific action to obtain a perfect surface, known as chemical car decontamination.

For this reason, we recommend treating the bodywork with car polishing and decontamination products specific to the materials we wish to eliminate from the surface. It is important that the surface of our car is very dry before applying the bodywork decontamination product. It is important to apply the car decontamination product and clay bar to remove contamination (and not scratches and marks for which a car polish is required) remaining from the wash.

The best car products for polishing and protection

Third Phase - Polishing the car .

This step is essential to give our bodywork all the shine it deserves, with the best car detailing products for the bodywork your car will always shine as if it had just left the dealership. Car polishing products are essential for removing scratches and marks from the bodywork. All this using the best car products such as: pads, pastes and specific car polishes with the help of professional car polishers available on Car-care.

Fourth Phase - Protection.

Preserving the results obtained with car polishing products and also thanks to washing and decontamination over time is essential to avoid having to repeat all the work in a short time.

It is absolutely recommended to treat the bodywork with specific products for car protection such as professional car waxes or ceramic protectors with nanotechnology for cars , the best generation of car detailing products for the protection of your car, present in Car's online shopping -care.

Fifth Phase - Maintenance

Maintenance is the last step and in some ways also the most important part . A car that has already undergone Car Detailing will be easier to maintain . Just use a professional-quality shampoo and cleanser , quick detailer lubricants and gentle accessories, to get the job done .