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    We start from the assumption that mechanically polishing a car is usually advisable, precisely because of the technical characteristics of the polish that require constant pressure and very measured movements to give the best. Alternatively we offer kits for hand car polishing to save money by having everything you need available.

    How to polish your car by hand with these


    If you are unable to use a polisher or do not have one, follow these steps and our guide to get great results from a manual polishing . It is advisable to apply the polish by means of a microfiber cloth or foam, the choice of pads will depend on the work you have to do and obviously on the type of product applied (polish, compound, sealant or wax to be combined).

    1 product
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    Come lucidare a mano l'auto con questi kit

    Se non siete in grado di utilizzare una lucidatrice professionale per la lucidatura dell'auto o non ne siete in possesso, seguite questi step e la nostra guida per ottenere ottimi risultati da una lucidatura manuale. Si consiglia di applicare il polish a mezzo di un panno in microfibra professionale o schiuma, la scelta dei tamponi avverrà a seconda del lavoro che dovete compiere e ovviamente dal tipo di prodotto applicato (polish, compound, sigillante o cera da associare).

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