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    A Instant protection , so fast it changes the way you protect your car! WetCoat are protective wipeless that is, they do not require any use of a sponge or cloth, but simply rinsing the product with the water jet after a normal car wash.

    It is a mix of polymers that can be achieved with a simple gesture to protect not only the paint but all the other surfaces of the car such as bodywork, glass, rims and plastics.
    Excellent for added protection to cars that have already been treated, fantastic, quick and easy to apply on cars that have never been treated, in an instant wet coat will protect all the materials giving them a marked water repellency and at the same time an increase in brilliance and effect silk to the touch.

    The real advantage is the enormous hydrophobic and self-cleaning effect that is achieved immediately (and which greatly simplifies the drying process), together with an intense shine and brilliance on painted surfaces.

    3 products
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