S1 Wash & Coat - Shampoo with nanotech enzyme protection

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UltraCoat Shampoo Ceramico con Protezione Sio2

S1 Wash & Coat - Shampoo with nanotech enzyme protection

UltraCoat SKU: UCCSOAP500
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S1 Wash & Coat is a neutral shampoo that contains the most sophisticated formula we have ever developed, the world's first SiO shampoo for enzyme detailer (patent n ° 14730984.3) that cleanses deeply, protects and prolongs the life of the previously applied coating.

S1 Wash & Coat breaks up the most stubborn organic dirt and thanks to the enzymes that can act several times on the same sub-layer of dirt molecules (for example a layer of earth), a reduced amount of S1 Wash & Coat guarantees a remarkable washing power and a really deep cleaning allowing to extend the protective layers previously applied or still to be applied.

Its unique formula, with the finest raw materials available, adheres to the pro surface , protecting it from alkaline agents, "bird drop" and creating fantastic beading and sheeting effects up to 4 months.


Shake before ' use. Dilute 10-20ml of product in 1lt of water (1: 50- 1:80), spray the entire car and wipe with a high quality Fra -Ber glove. Rinse thoroughly.

S1 can also be used with a pre-diluted 1: 3 foam lance.

For the maintenance of sealants or coatings : dilute 7-10ml of product in 1lt of water (1: 80-1: 150). For maximum hydrophobicity: pour a few drops on the moistened glove and spread it on the coated vehicle gnato.


Maximum protection occurs 7 hours after application.

Precautions: do not apply the product on hot surfaces and do not let it dry.


15-20 ml / machine

Prelavaggio, ad es. con schiuma attiva.
In caso di auto sporche, lavare prima l'auto con uno shampoo normale.
Preparare una soluzione funzionante. Versare 50 ml di prodotto in 5 litri di acqua tiepida (1:100) oppure 50 ml ogni 450 ml (1:10) se si applica il prodotto con pistola a schiuma.
Stendere il prodotto con un guanto pulito o applicarlo con una pistola a schiuma.
Attendere 30 secondi, sciacquare bene l'intera vettura e asciugare con un panno o aria compressa.

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