Rupes LHR12EBOX - Random orbital polisher kit

Rupes LHR12EBOX - Kit Lucidatrice Rotorbitale - - Detailing e Cura dell'auto - P.IVA 11851371002 -

Rupes LHR12EBOX - Random orbital polisher kit

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A single system for sanding and polishing
The duet is designed to work both with soft interface pads and microabrasives, and with polishing pads, obtaining excellent performance in both modes.
Accurate studies on the dynamics of the random orbital movement and in-depth practical tests have led to the choice of an eccentricity of 6mm (total orbit 12mm); the correction capacity of the latest generation microabrasive discs is incredibly enhanced, in particular by operating on the leveling of orange peel or on large defects with great homogeneity of the depth of the polishing traces.
The same random orbital movement then guides the polishing pads in an effective and incredibly easy action, quickly reaching very high levels of finish.

The use of microabrasive discs for the correction of the most important defects speeds up and simplifies the polishing cycle by reducing to a few minutes interventions that would be very tiring if carried out in polishing only mode. This processing requires machines with accurate balancing and excellent movement control; small variations can lead to a non-homogeneous surface roughness which then requires hard work in the subsequent phases. The duet can be guided docilely, immediately creating an excellent feeling with the operator.
In particular, there are some tricks that contribute to a good result such as the anti-spinning device which limits the possibility of errors even to less experienced operators, the handle front that facilitates the support of the palm of the hand in correspondence with the virtual center of the eccentric mass and the electronic module with torque control which could accidentally be transported to the surface to be worked, damaging them.

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