Fraber Neve New

Fra-Ber SKU: 700212
Fraber Neve New - - Detailing e Cura dell'auto - P.IVA 11851371002 -

Fraber Neve New

Fra-Ber SKU: 700212
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Neve is a cleansing shampoo foaming which creates a dense and full-bodied foam which adheres to the bodywork for a long time in order to decrease the friction of the brushes of car washes in order to reduce the formation of micro-scratches on the bodywork of vehicles all kinds (cars, trucks, vans etc ...).

The formulation of Neve has been specially studied by the Fra-Ber research and development laboratory in order to not to contain sodium hydroxide, phosphates and nta * but still guaranteeing a detergency deep removing dirt and road contamination of all kinds.

The product is suitable for use in all types of car washes (portals, self-service tracks, tunnels, self-service boxes etc ...), especially for car washes with a snow effect headband, it is able to maintain high performance even in the presence of hard water, reducing the risk of leaving residues during the drying phase.


  1. Dilute 20ml - 40ml of product for every 1 liter of water (1:25 - 1:50, the dilution can reach 1: 500 for frequent washing) using a Fra-Ber graduated bottle . If you want to use a foam lance, dilute from 1: 2 to 1:12 (1 part of product and 2 or 12 of water), used as a pre-wash for a weekly dirt dilute from pure to 1:19 (50ml in 1lt of water ).
  2. Wash with a high quality Fra-Ber glove.
  3. Rinse thoroughly.

1. Diluire 20ml – 40ml di prodotto per ogni 1 lt di acqua (1:25 – 1:50, la diluizione può arrivare a 1:500 per lavaggi frequenti) aiutandosi con un flacone graduato Fra-Ber. Se si desidera usare una lancia schiuma diluire da 1:2 a 1:12 (1 parte di prodotto e 2 o 12 d’acqua), impiegato come prelavaggio per uno sporco settimanale diluire da puro a 1:19 (50ml in 1lt di acqua).
2. Lavare con un guanto d’alta qualità Fra-Ber.
3. Risciacquare abbondantemente.

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