Innovacar SINH Top Coat - Super Water Repellent Nanotechnological Protection

Innovacar SKU: 700406
Innovacar SINH Top Coat - Protezione Nanotecnologica Super Idrorepellente - Detailing
Innovacar SINH Top Coat - Protezione Nanotecnologica Super Idrorepellente - Detailing

Innovacar SINH Top Coat - Super Water Repellent Nanotechnological Protection

Innovacar SKU: 700406
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SiNH Top Coat by Innovacar is the best water repellent of the entire Innovacar ceramic line and the latest in exclusive Si-N-H technology for nanoceramic treatment for cars professional that creates a highly durable, hydrophobic and elastic ceramic coating.

It is the most modern evolution of SiO2 coatings, to give you an innovative formula that combines ease of application with high performance.

The ceramic coating on the car body, aims to protect and enhance the gloss and color depth for a long duration * longer than any wax or sealant.

Thanks to the protective barrier created, dirt and water slide on the bodywork, allowing to limit aggressive chemical / physical interventions and therefore preserving the surface over time.

The main features *:

  • Beading and sheeting effect: for our Si-N-H system is the ceramic with the best water-repellent effect in the Innovacar line. This allows for quick drying and fewer residues on the surface of the car.
  • Easy to use: is a professional ceramic treatment, but it is easy to use and apply compared to category products.
  • It does not require IR lamps: thanks to its characteristics it has a rapid drying time of about 20 minutes at room temperature (23 ° C) and 50% humidity making it possible to use it even without lamps specifications.
  • Antistatic and dirt-repellent effect: combined with the lotus flower effect allow for reduced and easier maintenance during cleaning.
  • Long life certified: the tests carried out in certified external laboratories monitored the variations of gloss (ISO 20566: 2013) and hydrophobicity of the surface both in automatic and manual washing cycles, confirming a duration up to approximately 4-5 years (75,000 km or up to 60 washes-car washes). In combination with SiNH Top Base the service life is extended up to 9-11 years.
  • Color depth: has a gloss and color depth effect that enhance the body paint.
  • Resistance and protection: the treated surface is resistant to UV rays, corrosion and high temperatures.
  • Suitable for different surfaces: can be used on bodywork, aluminum, steel and plastics.
  • Suitable for matt paints, PPF and wrapping: can also be used on opaque paints and PPF protective films or machines and wrapping media.
  • Suitable for all types of vehicles: can be used on cars, motorcycles, bicycles and boats.
  • Safety: is PFAS free and compliant with the content of volatile organic components (VOC) according to directive 2004/42 / CE and the analysis method compliant with UNI EN ISO 11890-1: 2008.

Average consumption : 30 ml per machine.

Summary technical data:

  • Technology : Si-N-H
  • Hardness : Soft - 5H
  • Flexibility - elasticity : 5/5
  • Beading - contact angle : 5/5 (increases the contact angle by about ≃ + 25%)
  • Depth of gloss : 5/5
  • Self-cleaning capacity : 5/5
  • Ease of use : 5/5
  • Self-repair with heat : 5/5
  • Resistance to limestone : 4/5
  • Resistance to abrasion : 3/5
  • UV protection : 5/5
  • Temperature resistance : 400 ° C
  • Product consumption : 3ml / m2
  • Layer thickness : 1000-3000 nm
  • Duration years ** : up to 4-5 years
  • Manual washing duration * : over 60
  • Duration of automatic washing * : over 60


We recommend:

  • Apply the product preferably in an environment with controlled temperature between + 5 ° C and 25 ° C and free from contamination and with controlled humidity
  • Apply the product in a well-lit environment.
  • Replace Micron Suede often.
  • Use Micron 2F: the short-haired part to remove 80-90% of the product and the long-haired part to finish.
  • Replace Micron 2F often, on average every 2 panels.
  • Do not treat the surface with dirty or worn cloths.
  • For maximum efficiency use only Innovacar maintenance products.

Phase 1 - Preparation of the car (to be carried out if not already performed):

  1. Perform a prewash with SP1 Prewash or similar products.
  2. Wash with S2 Foamy to clean the surface.
  3. Carry out the chemical decontamination of the surface from tar with D3 Tar, from ferrous residues with D1 Iron and from limestone with DS Scale.
  4. Proceed with the mechanical decontamination with Clay Bar (or Clay Mitt), with the help of DL Lube.
  5. If necessary, polish the car in order to correct defects and obtain a perfectly smooth surface.
  6. Remove any traces of residual oils with D2 check.
  7. Visually check the car to make sure it is perfectly decontaminated and clean and therefore ready for application of the protective.

Phase 2 - Application of the ceramic: :

  1. Shake SiNH Top Coat.
  2. Apply a few drops of SiNH Top Coat on the Micron Suede wrapped around the Foam App Block.
  3. Proceed by applying the product with the Criss-Cross method (at least 3 times), treating one panel at a time (about 50x50 cm).
  4. Allow to cure for at least 30 seconds (with high ambient temperatures) and up to a maximum of 2 minutes (with low ambient temperatures), before removing excess product by smoothing with a Micron Buffing cloth, if necessary.
  5. In case of incorrect removal of excess product, within 10 minutes, it is possible to reapply the product smoothing the surface.

Phase 3 - Cross-linking of the protective barrier: :

  1. After 4 hours, proceed directly with the final application of SC0 Hydro Sealant. The latter represents the protective layer aimed at preserving the surface during the complete Curing period.
  2. Wait 3-4 hours before exposing the vehicle outside and 7 days before exposing it to snow / rain or carrying out a first wash, as suggested in the Innovacar maintenance program.

Precautions: Use within 6 months of opening, carefully closing the bottle after use and storing the product in a dry environment away from light and heat and with a temperature between 5 and 25 ° C Always refer to the MSDS and the precautions and indications given on the labeling. Always follow the Innovacar Cyclic System to obtain maximum performance and longer life;

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