AVA Smart P50 - XL

AVA SKU: 10-100-179
AVA Smart P50 - XL - Car-Care.it - Detailing e Cura dell'auto - P.IVA 11851371002 -
AVA Smart P50 - XL - Car-Care.it - Detailing e Cura dell'auto - P.IVA 11851371002 -
AVA Smart P50 - XL - Car-Care.it

AVA Smart P50 - XL

AVA SKU: 10-100-179
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The Smart Series P50 pressure washer is the workhorse among the AVA pressure washers. Suitable for almost all housework, including the most important of course: washing the car! The heart of the AVA Smart P50 is a durable aluminum pump with 3 pistons and delivers a pressure of 130 bar (max). The Smart P50 contains convenient storage options for accessories and the power cord.

The hose reel has a unique "follow me" function and can rotate 45 ° horizontally on both sides. This makes it easier to unroll the hose and reduces the risk of the pressure washer tipping over when unrolling. Furthermore, the Smart P50 is designed in such a way that the center of gravity is very low. In addition, a lock at the bottom prevents the machine from falling out when the high pressure hose (unwound) is pulled hard.

The Smart P50 comes standard with the "Zero Force" spray gun. This is a very valuable addition as it has a brass check valve system to regulate the high pressure. The valve consists of a brass housing with a stainless steel spring, ball and stem. The aluminum injector is machined with a very precise tolerance and therefore anodized. Normally you only see this on professional pressure guns. This extends the life of the pump and motor. The spray gun is very easy to use, hence the name "Zero Force".

This reduces strain on the hands and wrist and can be operated with only 2 fingers. This is a great advantage for very long jobs. The short design is perfect for tight spaces, such as wheel arches. It is possible to connect the accessories directly to the gun (except the Turbo connection for safety reasons). If you want to stay further away, you can use the special "zoom lance" increases the length from 63 to 96 centimeters. For safety, the zoom lance can only be adjusted with 2 hands, so changes can only be made when desired.

Steel reinforced hose is 6 meters long, can withstand shocks and won't tangle like fiber reinforced cables. It comes with various accessories that you can use to clean your car. Also, for really dirty jobs there is a rotating (turbo) jet attachment that cannot be used on the car! For safety, the turbo attachment can only be mounted on the zoom lance and not directly on the pistol.


The XL-pack version comes with an extra foam lance to foam your car and a patio cleaner. You can mount the foam lance directly on the gun or on the zoom lance.

The bottle has a capacity of 750ml and has a graduation. You can store all accessories in the case, so you won't lose anything.


Max pressure: 130 bar
Water release: 420 l / h
Motor power: 1800 W
Package: L
Hose type: Reinforced steel
Hose length : 6 Meters

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