How to choose the right polishing pad

The choice of the buffer is a very important phase that should not be underestimated, knowing how to choose the right buffer will help us to reduce the working times but above all it will help us to correct damage to the paint without creating others which may then require targeted interventions to remove them.
There are many types of tampons and actually this can lead to confusion. Different sizes, various shapes, with or without the central hole, with open cells or closed cells, in wool, microfiber or sponge, in short, confusion is possible, especially when you are just starting out. Don't worry with a little experience everything will be easier.
To help you understand, we can divide the pads into 3 categories

Microfiber pads thanks to their short pile structure they work very well with random orbital polishers. Their use is recommended when a high cutting capacity is required and they are comparable to hard sponge pads

Wool pads have a long pile structure and, contrary to those microfiber are not recommended for random orbital polishers. Their use is recommended for exclusive use on rotary polishers, they have high cutting capacity and very often leave marks on the paint.

Sponge pads these pads are very versatile as it is enough to change the density of the sponge to have a cutting pad from a super finish , they can be with open cells (OCF) which allows the air to move freely in the cells, cooling the temperatures and making the more stable buffer processing. Or with closed cells (CCF) which makes the pad more compact, does not allow the passage of air and consequently the processing temperature can rise more quickly.

Ok but what is the right pad to choose?
Unfortunately there is no dry answer .. in order to choose the correct pad we have to take into account several factors: the paint , if it is metallic or pastel, the transparent if is soft or hard, its state , whether it is badly damaged or not.
These conditions change the choice of tampon to use each time, and returning to what was said at the beginning, with experience we will be able to understand which tampon to choose based on the damage and the 'car that we are polishing.

Here you will find all our pads divided by their cutting power
- Heavy Cut (very sharp for severe defects) - Click here
- Medium cut (medium cut for medium defects) - Click here
- S oft (finish) - Click here